Ann von Svane (psychosocial91) wrote in the_crazy_ex,
Ann von Svane

As I wrote in a comment to my last post, my stalker lives nearby. I've gone to the police with all the threaths he's been sending the last year or so, but they didn't do anything other than calling him.
And, yeah ... I think that call triggered something. Last night H showed up at my apartment. I don't know how he found out that I live here. Maybe he's been following me without me knowing it. It's really scary.

Someone knocked at the door about 8 in the evening, and I went to open it, as my room mate was supposed to come home at that time. But it was H standing outside. With a gun in his hand.
He threathened to kill me, and made sure that I could not shut the door again by putting a foot inside. I tried to call for help, but I guess people either didn't hear or me or just thought it was some of the usual problems around here.
And then something in my brain just turned off. The details are still foggy for me. I was told by the police afterwards that I had kicked him in the head, which have him a concussion, and several times in the torso and upper body, which broke his shoulder. And apparently, I had called the police while holding the gun to his head. That's how they found us, anyway. I was charged for violence, but it was since dismissed when someone in the department found the emails I gave them. That, and the fact that he carried an illegal fireweapon and tried to enter into my apartment by force, saved my ass since this was clearly self-defense.
I know violence is bad, and I'm not feeling great about having done this, but I must say that I don't regret anything I did to him. I'm positive he would have killed me.
I'm now waiting for the trial. I hope H gets what he deserves.
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